Pocket Ticket

Your online ticketing platform

Pocket Ticket is a new ticketing platform.

From his smartphone, the user has the possibility to buy and manage all his tickets and/or passes.

The purchase is made within the mobile application without the need to go to a point of sale.

After the sale, you will be sent a QR code that will be used later to read and validate your transportation ticket. If you have a device with contactless, this mechanism replaces the QR Code reading.

In order to use Pocket Ticket, the customer only needs to download the application and create a personal account. To complete the creation of the account simply associate a form of payment. This can be done by using a credit card, debit card, or MBWAY. It will also be possible to maintain cash payments through the channels currently in use.

After making the payment you will receive an encrypted QR code that will be used to identify you and the trip for which the title of transport has intended this purchase can also be made using a QR code available at the point of sale. This way, there is no need for the customer to select the trip he wants to take because this information is given to him at the moment of reading.

Pocket Ticket, besides the client application, also has a mobile reader version that must be installed on a smartphone. This application is used to validate the tickets. To perform the validation just proceed to read the QR code presented by the client. This reading identifies the user and the intended trip. As well as the validation of the title of transport. For this reading, the validator’s smartphone only needs to have the application installed and an internet connection.

What you get

  • The operator reduces his operating costs.
  • Reduction of man-hours in ticket sales.
  • Reduced costs with physical ticketing.
  • Cost reduction with expensive and complex validation equipment.
  • All sales will be centralized and can be viewed on an integrated online platform.
  • All sales and usage will be available in real-time.
  • In the transport vehicle, the reading and validation of the ticket can be done with a simple smartphone.
  • With Pocket Ticket, the operator starts to obtain, for its management indicators, online information of the transport tickets in use, on which route, in which means of transport.
  • The use of the App allows the carrier to maintain ticketing to meet customer needs and adapt to new features, while also contributing to environmental sustainability.
  • The user has the possibility of aggregating all his tickets or passes on a single platform. You have all your travel tickets always at hand and in digital format.
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