Geolocation-based equipment and maintenance management platform

The HEXA project is a digital platform for data and parameter collection, putting hardware and software in communication harmony in an aspect of M2M (machine-to-machine), prediction algorithms, connectivity, cloud, and data analysis.

With Hexa, we connect systems, obtain metrics, and analyze data through high autonomy sensors.

Our algorithms run in the cloud, analyzing gigabytes of data to help our customers improve their operations and reduce costs.

All equipment placed on the platform is geolocalized, thus allowing the client to have a better perception of its geographical distribution as well as to obtain optimized routes for the displacement of its technicians, suppliers, vehicles, etc.

It can be integrated with most of the ERPs existing in the market for automatic data imputation and the creation of analytical dashboards.

This is a “layered” solution adapted to various types of businesses:

  • Preventive and corrective maintenance of equipment.
  • Supplying vending machines.
  • Remote parking management.
  • Supply chain analysis.
  • Cold products Management.
  • Waste collection management and container maintenance.
  • Agriculture and wine production with sensors for humidity, ph, temperature, etc.

What you get

Main features

  • Global equipment management (Brand, Model, Serial Number)
  • Global or detailed view of the equipment.
  • Information on maintenance dates (Preventive or Corrective)
  • Real-time reporting.
  • Insertion of images and comments before, during, and after maintenance.
  • Generation and management of optimized routes for technicians.
  • Georeferencing of each of the equipment (Exterior or interior, in the case the equipment is inside buildings).
  • Equipment stock management.
  • Management of equipment replacement, fixed assets, and transfer of cost centers.
  • Reception of intervention requests.
  • Digital signature of the client for the delivery of the receipts.

Real-Time Reports

  • Sensors of all kinds (pressure, temperature, humidity, gas, tamper, etc…)
  • Real-time reporting from all sensors.
  • Camera for real-time visualization of all equipment.
  • Possibility to group sensors (For example, the alarm only acts if the pressure and tamper sensors are activated).
  • Remote management possibility (power on, power off, edit)

Main features -Different accounts for different purposes

  • Manager Account: Equipment and Repair Supplier.
  • Technician account: Repair technician.
  • Customer account: Customer of the equipment.
  • Definition of equipment by Brand and model.
  • Geographical distribution of equipment.
  • Generating routes per equipment.
  • Detailed report for each. route/repair/replacement.
  • Requests for intervention.
  • Repairs with the possibility of inserting images into reports.

The platform allows for automatic reporting of operational statuses or the need for replenishment of products, paper, cash collection, etc.

The control of intervention beginning, status, and ending of the intervention, control of spare parts, in stock, in repair, in operation.

The interconnection with ERP’s to control the transfer of cost centers and respective amortizations and/or fixed assets, stock control, replacement as well as the creation of automatic alerts of intervention, either preventive or curative, for the client, the maintenance company, or replacement company, and the technical team.

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