Your online performance platform

A new performance hall was born.

  • The promoters have one more space to produce.
  • The municipalities have a new place to program.
  • Agents have more concerts to sell.
  • The artists have one more stage to perform on.
  • The technicians have more shows to operate.
  • The brands have one more place to activate.
  • The audience always has a front-row seat.

With WeMusic you will not only have access to the audio of the concert in real-time, but you will also be able to watch via streaming the details of what is happening on stage.

What you get


  • Unique concerts broadcast in live streaming with various types of production.
  • From the artists’ homes, via personal computers, to a stage with multi-camera capture.
  • Always, unique, unrepeatable shows put together for the WeMusic stage


Behind the Scenes:

  • Free backstage access to the concert of your favorite artist.
  • Live, virtual follow-up of everything that happens on the other side of the stage.


On the road:

  • We follow a day on the road of a variety of artists.
  • Integrated into the entourage, WeMusic will show all the angles of a live concert, and of a day on the road with the artists’ teams that will tour Portugal from north to south.


There is talk:

  • A journalistic space, coordinated by music journalists, that puts all the interlocutors from the show business into the conversation.
  • Artists, technicians, agents, promoters, programmers, authors, publishers, and producers.


Loja online:

  • Online store for selling unique pieces by authors and artists.
  • From a manuscript of a book to a draft of a poem or song, a vinyl with a special dedication, through emblematic objects, belonging to the most varied and charismatic authors and artists such as:
    • The jacket he wore in his first coliseum.
    • The pick of the great stadium concert, in short, is everything that we can imagine and that can link us to the authors and artists we most admire and to the works that have marked us most.


  • Unique and unlikely duets by artists from different generations or genres that don’t usually cross paths.
  • An exchange of experiences and space for encounters that only music can perpetuate.



  • You can talk to your favorite artist, ask him questions, listen to answers, and ask him to play the songs you like best.


Premieres and Releases

  • Space for first-hand presentations, premieres, and releases of music, videos, tours, etc…
  • But only specific and differentiated content for WeMusic.
  • It will always be the other side of these premieres or releases.


I do not study

  • The creative side, how everything is born, how everything is articulated before it reaches our ears.
  • Authentic “on board” diaries to follow the evolution of the studio recordings of the artists you like the most.
  • The work, the laughs, the difficulties, the creative process, and so on.


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