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“We develop life changing products.”

Our entrepreneurial spirit drives us in a constant search for opportunities
to make processes better, faster, simpler, and greener.
We are always looking at the way things work. 


What we do

The Something Apps team has vast experience in developing pioneering and unique solutions working in several countries.

From Payment Systems, Electronic Security, People, and Vehicle Control Systems.

With the creation of this development Lab, we have focused on the development of solutions for the daily use of people and companies, in the services areas and from software talking to other software, with a positive impact on the environment, social welfare, cost reduction, and operational improvement for companies.

In the Smart Cities segment, we are innovating on the tech market, management of maintenance processes, logistics and equipment control, putting machines talking to machines, the true machine to machine solutions.

Committed to this premise, we are developing other tools that will soon also be available in the market.





Web Application


  • Custom solutions, developed from scratch or based on an existing project
  • Development using the most advanced technologies and offering the best UI and UX on the market.
  • Attractive and functional design.

Mobile Application


  • Native or cross-platform app development.
  • Improving or implementing functionality to an existing project.
  • Development of solutions for Android and IOs platforms.

Desktop Application


  • Application development for systems in a Desktop environment.
  • Creation of APIs and SDKs for all kinds of hardware on the market.



  • Design, development, and implementation of equipment based on embedded systems.
  • Development of robust solutions for various sectors and industries.

Projects already developed

Since 2004, with the collaboration of this team, many pioneering and unique solutions have been implemented in numerous sectors of activity in Portugal and other
We highlight some examples:


  • Computer solution that integrates information from a payment point with image recording systems.
  • A tool to control the activity of a POS (prevent theft) and sales management.
  • Applied in most payment points at gas stations, hypermarkets and supermarkets, commerce in general, shopping malls, and airport duty-free stores to control sales volume and means of payment.

Remotely Assisted Filling Station

  • Combination of several electronic and IT solutions that allow gas stations to perform its normal sales activity without employees.
  • A tool to control the activity of a POS (prevent theft) and sales management.
  • In operation in Portugal at some gas stations. Approved by the DGE.

Registration Recognition

  • Computer OCR (Optical Character Recognition) reading system integrated with imaging.
  • Solution for controlling and validating the entry and exit of vehicles in buildings, industries, gas stations, etc.

Electronic Meeting Point

  • Intelligent solution for counting and verifying people evacuated from a building.
  • In operation in refineries and buildings.

Payment System and Classification of Vehicles on Highways

  • Mozambique


  • Have you ever arrived at a vending machine for products or services and not
    coins? It has happened to you that the same machine accepts banknotes, but does not intend to receive a coin jackpot in return?
  • The Solution is the QRKoin App.
  • This App allows you to pay at any participating machine such as Vending
    Machines, Car Jet Wash, Self Service Laundries and Dog Wash.
  • This App allows payment via MBWay, Wallet loading and
    we may add the merchant’s customer card or any other means of
    customer interest payment.
  • Allows the merchant to create and send offers, promotions, vouchers,

Supply Leak Management Platform

  • Multi-deposit computer solution that integrates the POS/EM, the CCTV, and connection to the payment islands to prevent non-payment of the fuel supply.

Passenger Counting Systems

  • Operational management solution for trains, subways, and buses. Installed in Portugal on buses, some railways, and Recife metro in Brazil.
  • A solution that led to the signing of supply partnerships with major train manufacturers.


The Hexa solution is an IOT platform for remote equipment management, not only for technical and maintenance monitoring, as well as operation and logistics management.

Whatever the need, through Hexa and with the addition of the appropriate automata and sensors, we enable any machine to be monitored 24/24.

Integrable with any management software, it provides technical, consumption, replacement data and all the data that the customer wants to obtain according to the type of remote equipment.




  • UnPrint™ is a new concept in invoice printing that changes the current paradigm from paper to digital printing.
    You will have access to all your invoices, expense queries, discounts, promotions, and vouchers, all this with total physical paperlessness and just a click away.

Video Remote Ordinance

  • Video and voice recording solution that allows remote validation of people’s entry and exit, identity verification, and automatic door opening.
  • In practice, a high cost of a security guard is replaced by equipment that performs the same service more effectively and
    much more economical for the client.

Video Surveillance in a City with interconnection to the Authorities

  • Video surveillance solution with license plate recognition installed in the city’s video cameras and in vehicles of the traffic brigade interconnected to the Police (stolen vehicles) and to the Portuguese Insurance Institute (uninsured vehicles) databases.

Come innovate with us

At Something Apps, our culture translates the way we pursue our dreams, and it all starts with our values.
Innovation is part of us and we want more innovators committed to our business.


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