Everything you need to know about UnPrint

What is UnPrint™ and what is it used for?

UnPrint™ is a new concept in invoice printing that changes the current paradigm from paper invoices to digital format. Its main objective is to end the paper printing of invoices, which is very harmful to the environment and to human beings.

With UnPrint™ you will have access to all your consumptions, expenses (categorized for better analysis and financial management), discount coupons, promotions, and much more.

How to create an account?

Once you download UnPrint, you will have an option to create an account. Here you will be asked for data such as:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Password
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender

It is important to emphasize that all your data is encrypted and protected by GDPR. No one but you will have access to it.

What promotions will I have access to?

All promotions are generated by the merchants and you will find new products or releases, information about the company, stores on sale, among others.

Personal Data?

You will have the option ‘Personal Data’ available in the menu where you can add data such as:

  • NIF
  • Address
  • Postal Code
  • Registration
  • Mobile Number

All this data will have the option of being sent to the POS (point of sale) or not. Sending your data to the POS will be your choice depending on the purpose you want!

Let’s take the case of the NIF:

Today, at the time of purchase, you have the option of providing or not your tax number depending on whether or not you want to make it available to the AT (Tax Authority).

If you want to put your tax number on the invoice, you have the option to make it visible to the point of sale (which corresponds, nowadays, to say it to the cashier). If in a future purchase you decide that you don’t want to send the tax number, just make it invisible to the point of sale.

Why do I have the option to add an account?

This option is to give you the possibility to issue invoices with another VAT number or other data. So you can, for example, make a purchase with your company’s or your partner’s VAT number.

The data available to the POS will be defined by the user of the associated account, i.e. if in the example above you make a purchase with your company account, only your company can decide what data it wants you to send to the POS, and it is not an option for you to change its visibility.

How to use?

The app is very simple and intuitive to use!
At the time of purchase, after registering all the products you have consumed/purchased, you will be asked to pass the barcode corresponding to your account, which is unique and non-transferable. Once you do so, automatically and in real-time, you will receive the invoice on your smartphone so you can use it as you wish. You can delete it, store it in a folder created by you (such as for example, warranties for purchased equipment), or even export it wherever you want. Furthermore, you’ll have your expenses stored by categories in order to give you the best consumption indicators, promotions on new products, or even discount coupons to use wherever and whenever you want.

In what establishments can I use it?

Once the UnPrint™ is available, the participating establishments will have this information displayed, as well as flyers explaining its use. You will also have access to this information in this same section of the website.

If I delete my account, will all my data be deleted?

YES! According to the new RGPD- General Data Protection Regulation, all users have the right to be forgotten and as such all your data will be deleted.
If you should decide to reinstall UnPrint™, all the information you held will be lost.

How to use the discount vouchers?

The discount vouchers will be cashed using a barcode. Therefore, at the time of payment, before you provide your account barcode for the invoice to be available, you provide the barcode of the discount voucher to be deducted from the total amount of the purchase.

Who has access to my data?

All your data will only be seen by you if you choose to do so. If you choose to show it to our point of sale, please be aware that it will not be misused or seen by any other user.

It is important to emphasize that all your data is encrypted and that NO ONE but yourself will have access to it.

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